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Though it's roughly analagous to contemporary R&B, Neo-Soul artists pay more devotion to the era of classic soul, often seeking a sound and a style of songwriting with few concessions to events in the music world post-1975. The work of Lauryn Hill, first in the Fugees and later with her 1998 solo debut The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, proved very important to the neo-soul scene, as did the debut of Erykah Badu in 1997. Several more females made splashy debuts around the turn of the millennium, including Macy Gray, Jill Scott, India.Arie, and Alicia Keys, but only the latter broke through to broad stardom. Other figures pursuing the neo-soul sound include Raphael Saadiq, Remy Shand, Sunshine Anderson, Musiq, Peven Everett, and Jaguar Wright.



My taste in music isn't limited to any one genre, and as a result my musical influences are wide and varied. From the great pioneers of blues, the masters of jazz and the experimental prog rock bands of the 1970s to the rock legends and modern bluegrass artists of today, these are the styles that inspire me and inform my own compositions.

Music is my main hobby. I listen to a diverse mix of genres and styles, and I'm always open to new ideas. These musical influences form the basis for my own music.

I'm a passionate songwriter and musician, but it's still just a hobby. I've never played in a professional setting – in a studio or a big venue, for example – but I wouldn't turn down such an offer if the opportunity arose. For the time being, I'm happy to jam out with my friends in the basement, perform local gigs and publish my stuff on the Internet.

I used to write poems and short stories as a kid, so I guess I've always had a creative streak in me. For my sixteenth birthday my parents got me an electric guitar, and I've been hooked on contemporary music ever since. My tastes have evolved over the years, but my passion for music is unchanged.

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Burn by the cure:  o'keefe music

46 and 2 cover by o'keefe music

Kids Cover Sober By Tool / O'Keefe Music

Goodbye Joey.  See ya at the house.

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