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         Creed Fisher's New song

By now I am sure you know how much WHI Media Network and WHI Radio love music.  This new song by Creed Fisher called "This Side A' Town" Is sure to tug at your heartstrings.  The lyrics are strong as hell and the music is soothing.  Great song Creed!  We love ya' man.

               MURDER IN GRIMES, IA

                                              ***Missing you frank***

         what's happening iowa!!!

Did you know that the ENTIRE State of Iowa has 700 thousand LESS people than the city of Los Angeles?  WOW!  I love Iowa, I live Iowa and now I am broadcasting from Iowa.  Whi Radio is all about Iowa's 99 counties, news stories from around the world, the people that live in it, sing in it and the stories they create.



"Information, music, important news and happenings in the great state of Iowa and across the Nation."

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